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Monster Quiz: the board game” is a game which mixes the use of the SMART Notebook application with a huge board game of 3x2 metres. In such a way that the game is moved from the board to the interactive whiteboard and returned to the board again, by this way the attention and the motivation of the students, when they are working with the contents and knowledges of any subject, is always high.

The game can be used in all the school subjects, in a separate way or all together, and we have to think that the students will be the ones who make the questions and activities to use in the game.

Thereby, to start a game in “Monster Quiz: the board game”, students have to have been working previously, writing questions to be used later to try defeating their opponents in the board game. The topics of the questions change depending of the teachers’ demands, so the topic will be defined by the teacher who wants to use the game in his/her class.

The game has different pieces.

  • The board game of 3 x 2 metres. 1 unit.
  • Monster cards of 8 cm in diameter. 54 cards (9 monsters per each group, 6 groups maximum).
  • Monster egg cards. Square of 4 cm. 54 cards (9 monster eggs per group, 6 groups maximum).
  • Game tokens. 6 tokens.
  • Game dice. 1 unit.

Goal of the game.

The game is made to be played individually or in groups, with a maximum of 6 individual players or 6 groups.

The players’ goal is winning the 9 monster cards that appear in the board game. To do it, when a player arrives into a “Monster” square, a game in the interactive whiteboard is played. The first player to win that game, wins the Monster card of the monster who appears in the square.

While the game is played, the players will ask questions between them to win monster eggs, they will use those eggs in the game later.

The board game. 

Board Game Monster Quiz small

The route of the board is a close circuit, so the players can move over it freely. The movement of the tokens is done by the number of a dice. The tokens will be moved so many squares as the number of the dice. If the token arrives to a square with a picture, it has to do one of these actions:

-Dices: The player throws the dice again.

-The question mark: The player will choose one of the other players to start a challenge with the questions they made. By this way they can win monster eggs.

-The graduation cap: The player must answer or make the task that the teacher asks.

-The key: The token will be moved to the square with the door.

-The blue arrow: Go back three squares.

-The circular box with a monster: It starts a game in the IWB with Monster Quiz. All the players can win the monster card of the monster which is drawn in the circle.

-The circular box with monster eggs: The player wins a monster egg card. When he completes a set of 9 monster eggs, he can go straight to any “Monster” square and try to win the monster card. (Go to rules of the game).

In addition to the squares, the board has the player’s corner. A place where there are the number of the player, 9 white squares to fill them with the monster egg cards and 9 black and white pictures of the monster. In these circles the monsters will be placed when the player wins one card.

Rules of the game.

-The players are divided into groups (also they can play alone) and they make a raffle with the dice to decide the order to start the game. The groups can be done before the game, because they have to get ready the questions to use in the competition times.

-Each group has 4 monster egg cards and they will be located in the white squares of the player’s corner. The rest of the cards will be placed in the circular box of the monster egg cards.

-The tokens will be placed next to the “START” square. Player 1 throws the dice and move his token so many squares as the number of the dice. The tokens can be moved in any direction and jump other players, but they can’t be placed in the same square of another token. If it happens, the token of the player who is moving will be situated in the square before.

-The squares which has no pictures, are neutral squares. In this situation, nothing happens, the player lost its turn and the game continues with the next player.

-If one player arrives to the “dices” square, he will throw it again and he will move his token.

-If one player arrives to the “Blue arrow” square, he will go back 3 squares, by the same path that he used to go there. His turn, now, will be according to the rules of the new square. If it is a neutral square, the turn will pass to the next player. It if is a square with a picture, the movements will be according to the rules of that picture.

-If one player arrives to the “key” square, the token will be moved to the square which has a door drawn. When the token is there, the player will throw the dice again.

-If one player arrives to the “Monster eggs” square, He wins a monster egg card and the turn pass to the next player.

-If one player arrives to the “Graduation cap”, he will answer or do the task that the teacher says, If the task is well done, he will continue his turn. If the task is wrong, he will lose it.

-If one player arrives to the “Question” square, the competition between players starts. The competition has the aim of winning new monster egg cards. With the feature that when a player wins one card, he does it by thieving one card to the opponent.

The rules of the competition are these. Player A arrives to the “Interrogation” square. In that moment, he chooses an opponent between the other players. Player A asks a question to player B. The question is one of the ones that have to be ready before of the game. Those questions will be in relation with the topic that the teacher chooses.

-If player B falls, player A wins one of his monster eggs. And player A will continue the game throwing the dice again.

-If player B passes, now he has to ask to player A. In this case, if player A falls, he has to give one of his monster eggs to player B and he will lose the turn. But if player A passes, the competition will finish in a draw, but player A will lose the turn.

-When a player wins 9 monster eggs (it can be possible by arriving the “Monster eggs” square or winning in a competition), he will be able to go straight to the “Monster” square that he chooses and try to win the card. But he must give 5 eggs to the “Monster eggs” square.

-If one player arrives to the “Monster” square, it’s the beginning of a competition in the IWB, Monster Quiz. All the players will play. The player to achieve a monster hatch, will win the monster card whose picture is in the square. The competition in the IWB has these rules:

-The group who arrives to the “Monster” square will have some advantage in the competition. It will play with only one device, all the members of the group will help to choose the answers.

-The other groups will play with two devices in the competition. The members will make two little groups and they won’t be able to help themselves.

-If the Monster card is won by the group who arrived to the square, that group will continue the game. But if the winner is another group, the turn will pass to the next player. 

Files to download

-Board game in high resolution. (36024 × 24213 pixels).

Board Game Monster Quiz small


-Monster Cards.



-Egg cards.





-The board game in "notebook".